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Produced by Artist ~ Ron Reed ~

A gaggle of
Cutting Boards
An excellent exercise in 2nd and 3rd generation pattern inlay.
Very Artistic and Original. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

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Inlayed Lazy Susan
This fine Lazy Susan is inlayed with a very original and interesting 2nd generation pattern. Definitely a cut above the normal.
Again Ron thanks for sharing.

Laminated Cutting Boards
Take a good look at this seris of laminated cutting/serving boards...
Ron has done it again with his originality and skill. Notice the lamination thicknesses is graduated by 1/32" at each step.

A wonderful and pleasing group of Artistic cutting boards. Thanks for sending these in Ron.

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A Trout Net
Well this made me think, an action that is not easy now-a-days. :-)

To be or not to be!

Is it Functional or Decorative?

Look at this trout net! It's made from maple and walnut.  Notice the inlayed trout. Ron says it is just waiting for him to get back to Colorado :)

Very nice.

Cheese 'n Crackers
A little different design in cheese cutting boards.
All but the larger one are inlayed or free form laminated.

Ron Reed

Really very nice. Love em! Ernie

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